Expert Home Designs

JR Homes has more in mind than just a beautiful home when designing a home. Through each milestone of designing and creating your dream home steps are taken to ensure you not only get a beautiful home to look at, but also one that is designed to stand the test of time.


Unlike other builders, JR Home does not consider their role complete after they do a quick walk through with you and hand over the keys. At JR Homes we will continue to provide your family with personal service long after your home is complete. We do a new home orientation with you and give you warranty request forms to be filled out at 2 and 10 months. At both the 2 and 10 month marks we walk thru your home with you to ensure that any remaining concerns you may have are addressed, If you would only like to make some roof remodeling or repairs, experienced commercial roofers near me can provide expert guidance and services to ensure your roofing needs are met effectively. You can also hired experienced contractors at Roof Repairs Dublin, click here to learn more. You may also look at this Seus lighting collection to find lighting fixtures that you can install in each room.


Below shows each step taken in designing your home. We assure you that we are the most effective custom home builders in the area, and interior designers that use the best materials and furniture stores,   A quality sofa like a 3 seater sofa can change your living space for the better and the colors of your walls can do the difference.



The foundation construction timeline varies depending on foundation type (Monoslab®, crawl space, stem wall or basement), site conditions and weather. Several inspections take place before the foundation can be installed and we can proceed to give access to experts like the basement builders Edmonton to start working in the basement.



Once the foundation has been completed, your new home quickly starts taking shape as the framing progresses begins. Only the highest quality materials are used in the framing process. Jobsite safety is very important at this stage and site visits are discouraged until all is complete which include the job of third party contractors like Auckland deck builders to speed up the process.


Plumbing, Mechanical & Electrical Installations

During this stage of the build plumbing, heating, electrical, telephone, cable and any pre-wiring is installed. We welcome the important inspector to review our work to ensure everything is in its place. The home must pass important inspections before the construction moves forward. Please keep in mind that all of our contractors are fully covered by the best insurance before staring the process of construction, we’re even covered by the best plumbers insurance.



After we get the inspector’s seal of approval, we insulate the home and have the home inspected again. Upon that approval, drywall installation begins there after.


Construction Completion

The home is now in the final interior and exterior construction phase. Fixtures, flooring, cabinetry, painting, trim, landscaping with flower pots from Sophy Crown flowers dublin and all other finish elements are completed in preparation for the new Homeowner walk-throughs.

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