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JR Homes is a residential building company founded by John Ray. John Ray comes from a background in engineering which makes his attention to detail unmatched. He began in the construction business as a hands-on laborer and has worked every aspect of the building process. For over 15 years, he has been overseeing the construction of thousands of quality built homes in Atlanta, GA; Augusta, GA; Alabama, South Carolina and now North Carolina. His goal is to build a better home at a better price than anyone else in the market. This comes without comprising the integrity of the building process and always using up-to-date and sustainable building products. There are several reasons why you should buy a home from JR Homes – As a high volume builder, JR Homes negotiates the purchase of construction materials at below market rates.

Partnerships – JR Homes is dedicated to maintaining strong vendor relationships to ensure that all JR Homes are built to our high standards

Time – Efficiencies in JR Homes’ construction process will save you both time and money

Price – The business model and margin matrix JR Homes has created ensures that you will receive the most house at the best possible price

Design – JR Homes’ design and engineering team gives you flexibilities not usually available by a high volume builder

Satisfaction Guaranteed – We have chosen to make our homes compliant with the Quality Builders Warranty (QBW), the nation’s premier ten-year new home warranty program. This program incorporates a set of strict standards, ensuring construction excellence and integrity.


JR Homes strives to exceed your expectations and enhance communities by building desirable and affordable homes. Making dreams come true at affordable prices is the ultimate goal for JR Homes.

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